Use of Colloidal Ceria Products

Phosphor of fluorescent lamp
UV protection (glass)
Heat resistant coating paint and raw material
Colourant and opacifiers
Catalyst (carrier, automotive emission, fuel cell, contaminant decomposition, oil refinary decomposition, etc.)
Solid electrolyte and diesel fuel additive

Product Features


High Purity

High Purity (>99%)


Perfect Sphere

Perfect spherical shape and smooth surface, which allows excellent physical and optical surface morphology


Uniform Particle

Monodispersed and uniform particle-size distribution within 10% (e.g.,100 ± 10 nm)


High Polishing Rate

Excellent removal rate of silicon and silicon oxide (glass) substrates, particularly suitable for semiconductor CMP processes with execellent scratch-free capability

Product analysis

Perfect spherical particle shape
XPS analysis
Zeta potential of BOC100 of pH

BOC100 (Ceria)

Cerium oxide is called Ceria, and it is widely used as a raw material for glass precision polishing, planarization, silicon wafer CMP process for semiconductor, LCD glass, polishing material due to its excellent performance in precision polishing of optical glass surfaces or planarization.
Chemical Name Cerium Oxide
Formula CeO₂
CAS No. 1306-38-3
Molar mass 172.115 g/mol
Appearance white or pale yellow
Density 7.215 g/cm³
Melting point 2,400 °C (4,350 °F; 2,670 K)
Boiling point 3,500 °C (6,330 °F; 3,770 K)
Particle diameter 80 nm ~ 300 nm

Nanoparticles 110 ± 10 nm particle size, 10 ± 1.0 wt% in H2O

(Unit: USD)
Volume Price (VAT excluded)
15 ML 250.00
30 ML 300.00
60 ML 350.00
120 ML 450.00
500 ML 800.00
1000 ML 1,500.00

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